Cassandra Mulligan

Cassandra Mulligan has been involved in the performing arts most of her life.  She began her formal training at the age of 12 with Dickerson Performing Arts Center in Freeport, NY. She was trained in musical theater, ballet and tap by theater veteran Betsy Dickerson, ballet by Diane Hakak, and jazz by Kevin Jeff (former Alvin Ailey dancer who founded the Jubilation Dance Company in New York and currently directs the Deeply Rooted Dance Company in Chicago). By the age of 13, Cassandra was picked up by the Carson-Adler talent agency. She went on to do several projects: the pilot episode of Reading Rainbow with LeVar Burton and Gloria Foster; the BBC miniseries The File on Jill Hatch with Joe Morton, Frances Tomelty, and Gloria Foster, and The Cosby Show with Bill Cosby. She also appeared in several commercials, voice-overs and an after-school special. After taking a 10 year break to complete her education, enter the world of book publishing, get married, and start a family, Cassandra returned to theater as teacher and mentor to students across Long Island. Most currently, she is director of the Gospel Youth Theater Company, which she founded in 2012. She is blessed to be on staff at Elevation Dance Arts teaching theater classes.