Richard Echevarria is a 25 years old Cuban dancer and teacher. He began to dance at the age of 10 years and at 11 years old  after a long pre-audit of studies began at the National Art School of Cuba where he won national competitions for his performance. After finishing the 7 years of career, He joined the Combinatory Dance Company directed by the teacher and dance prize Rosario Cardenas with which in 2011 was selected to made an international tour for more than 10 cities in Spain presenting with the work called : Zona- Cuerpo with which the art critic of the newspaper “El Pais”, main newspaper of Spain Rogel Salas, called him a young talent to follow and praised his performing arts as his dancing skills .in 2013 he started dancing with the company of the ballet of television of Cuba performing  several galas and events in theater and television, acting and dancing. In the year 2014 he was called to dance and collaborate in the creative process of a varied musical show in the province of Jilin, China, where he played the role of principal dancer collaborating with Chinese and Russian artists. In the year 2015 he was called by the school of arts and etiquette of the city of Guangzhou, China to exercise the position of dance teacher and chair of the department of dance of the school, where he travels to Malaysia and Macao. give master classes and perform dance performances dron was part of, carrying out his acting career in China’s CCTV chain. In the year 2017 he moved to the city of Miami where he started to work in local television as a dancer and actor and also formed part of the new century company, a leading company in the city of Miami, moved to New York in 2017 , being part of Pony box dance theatre, Jennifer Muller the work , currently being part of Hannah Q company , Staten Island Ballet and Vision Contemporary Ballet.